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A Handshake

- exposes the reflection in the mirror

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Texas Slim
We talk about #FoodIntelligence, the Texas Beef Initiative, and how to design an "International Lifestyle" that you can start from home.
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What I’m listening to…

It's just an old beat up truck
Some say that I should trade up
Now that I got some jangle in my pocket

But what they don't understand
Is it's the miles that make a man
I wouldn't trade that thing in for a rocket

What they don't know is my dad and me
We drove her out to Tennessee
She's still here, and now he's gone
So I hold on

It's just an old beat up box
Its rusty strings across the top
It probably don't look like much to you

Thank you for listening to my message.

…and now a little reflection.

It's been a year since I drove up to the Museum of Western Art and stepped out of my pickup truck. I was pretty much the first person there except for a man I now call a dear friend and ally in this movement we are pioneering called

The Beef Initiative.

I was stepping into the unknown for the first time when it came to Beef Initiative events. It was the day of the Kerrville Beef Initiative Conference.

This man I speak of had just driven over 10hrs to come check out this guy calling himself “Texas Slim” and what was just beginning to be spread through word of mouth. The Beef Initiative.

TBI from day one has been word of mouth, grass roots, grass fed. It is a movement that if you have ears to hear and eyes to see is crystal clear. For those who can't see through the fog or hear clearly from the daily noise of distractions and propaganda, it is quite confusing.

TBI is everything that is Todd Weyl of Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

Todd Weyl and then fiance now beautiful bride, Ashley had themselves stepped into the unknown.

Todd had heard my name while listening to one of the podcasts that he listens to and studies. He is not only a student, he is also an educator.

Don't be confused when I say that he is an educator. He is not a professor nor does he work for a formal institution of “education.” He is a student & master of observational science and he learns from listening, doing, and then applying what he has learned into his passion for regenerative farming and ranching.

He then becomes an educator by sharing his results with those that will listen and those in his community. His community that spring morning in Kerrville, Texas expanded out but it also enclosed in on him in a way that neither of us expected.

It's been a year since that wonderful day in Kerrville. A year full of enlightenment, exploration, adventure, pain, tears, joy, fear, life, death, and new beginnings for 10's of 1000’s of individuals across this planet.

Each person that has joined TBI from consumer to producer to fan to critic has had something in them change when they have chosen to look underneath the hood of this vehicle of change and innovation.

I start off each TBI event by telling everyone one thing for certain is that once everyone goes home that night, is that I will be living “rent-free” in their heads. They are either going to love me or they are going to hate me. At this point, I am getting both, and I am OK with it and I expect more of it.

It is time to change and it is time to quit validating the deceptions and indecisions.

I have been somewhat surprised by the amount of analysis paralysis I have experienced these past 3 ½ years with my travels, research, and innovation.

I have to say as I always say, this is not a judgment but honest feedback of what I have seen and have lived through of the 100's of 1000's of miles driven, flown, and ridden.

This country is at a standstill and is mentally handcuffed and much of it is self-imposed. We have forgotten how to take action in the way that our grandparents and ancestors did and HAD to.

We have lost much of our intestinal fortitude and our calls to action are much different these days than they were just a decade ago.

This is an epidemic within itself and it is going to be costly to many people. A majority of Americans believe that they can sit on the sidelines and watch the world unfold in the way that it is.

Many do not know where to start or which direction to point their compass. We are under the clouded assumption that we have the luxury to analyze and debate our opinions and subjective analysis of every situation the centralized media and communications industry feeds our society.

Instead of focusing within, many are searching the outside world for answers and for someone to come save them.

I assure you, no one is coming to save you. As a nation we are suffering from metabolic failure & health crisis, hyper-inflation hasn't even kicked in yet and will assuredly be followed up with a massive recession. Money printing is about to go into warp speed and we have just reached over 1 trillion in credit card debt as consumers in the US.

We are leveraged in the wrong direction and there is denial, fear, blame, hate, and societal confusion is the state of mind.

I could continue to point out what each of us is faced with as far as the distractions and destruction that is happening in real-time but I choose to “accept” that it is not the world that each and every one of us was expecting. I choose to share a secret.

The secret you ask?

It's your reflection staring back at you. YOU have the power to create a new form of innovation during these times of mass prohibition of food, health, money, and clear communications.

I'll continue to say this until millions hear me. It's so simple, it's complicated.

Go shake a rancher’s hand!

I did, I shook one man's hand several years ago and now I have been able to travel around the nation and the world letting everyone know what is currently taking place, where we have come from, and where we can go.

Each destination is a new beginning. Each hand I shake is a new relationship that comes with it a personal obligation that my parents and grandparents taught me. Once you have gazed into a man's or woman's eyes you are obligated to speak the truth and you are obligated to be transparent and honest.

This is an art form that has been lost as a nation. The division of interpersonal communication is a behavioral issue that has evolved because of many reasons and the engineering of it all is not clear to a society that is trapped by it.

A simple handshake and a gaze deep into a stranger’s eyes unveils a whole universe of opportunity and a form of clarity that overcomes the fog and clouds of perceptions most of society is carrying.

At each event I have spoken at I tell everyone at the beginning and the end of each talk that your time spent with me and TBI is a


For those who accept the challenge and the invitation, well....their lives have changed and are unfolding in ways that are about to become obvious and crystal clear.

Proof of work and innovation is happening within the movement of TBI. Lives are changing and we are pioneering a new lifestyle that includes a protocol of life that is piercing straight through all the deceptions.

This one man Todd Weyl, he put his foot down and looked in the mirror and he became obligated. Not to me nor TBI, but to that reflection in the mirror.

As I walked up to this stranger in the parking lot of the Cowboy Museum in Kerrville, TX I stared straight into this man’s eyes and I shook his hand.

To be continued next week......

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In this episode:

  • Rite of Passage with son, Finley in the Thai jungle.

  • Visited 2 Bar C, Hometown Meats, Ronnie, and Ol Butch.

  • Took a plant tour and met Cole Bolton 

  • Driving on the back roads of Texas.

  • Had dinner with Todd Wyell at the Ozark Beef Conference.

  • Stay connected with Texas Slim on a daily basis through our social media.

  • Drove through Washington and Virginia.

  • Met Jan from Epoch Times.

  • Attended the US Cattlemans Association and enjoyed the Cattleman’s feast with Texas Slim’s Cuts.

  • Worked on saving children’s lives.

  • Attended the Ginger Hill Summit, no matter the weather.

  • Visited 101 Constitution Ave. and DC. Was featured on American Thought Leaders.

  • Cooked travel steaks on the tailgate and visited Needwood Farms.

  • Explored West Virginia, nicknamed "Mountain Momma," and drove through the plains. 

  • Enjoyed a picanha steak.

  • Followed the Florida Beef Initiative on @BeefFlorida.

  • Counted down the days to the Ozark BI Conf.

  • Met Jason Wrich.

  • Discussed the Harvest of Deception.

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