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Podcast Pick From Within Our Community: Pomp with Texas Slim

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We talk about #FoodIntelligence, the Texas Beef Initiative, and how to design an "International Lifestyle" that you can start from home.
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Thank you for listening to my message. This week, we’re honored to have K.D. Makinen as our guest writer. K.D. is taking this opportunity to learn as much as she can, to share her interests and insights, and to build a community that explores, teaches, and contemplates together. She wants to make thinking sexy. You can follow her on the Passing Thoughts & Revelations Substack.

Take it away, K.D…

Podcast Pick: Pomp with Texas Slim

There are infinitely more great podcasts to listen to than there is time; it’s literally impossible to hear them all. Trying to choose which ones make the cut can be time consuming as well. Because of this unfortunate reality, I thought a podcast spotlight might be a nice feature every once in a while.

I slip podcasts in whenever I can and I’ve learned so much from them. Why not recommend some of my favorites in case it helps someone else settle on a winner next time they have a bit of time to sneak one in?

The Pomp Podcast tends to examine the world of business and finance, which inevitably ends up covering a vast number of topics. In this episode, Pomp speaks with Texas Slim, who founded “The Beef Initiative”. It turns out Texas Slim is also right here on Substack, in case you want to learn more once this conversation piques your interest. The primary discussion is regarding our food supply chain and all the issues that plague it. It is a bit alarming, but we’d all be better off, and much healthier, if we took the time to face this particular monster.

There is talk of seed oils, which I vowed recently to remove from my diet. (I will be posting an update on how that is going pretty soon.) The more I learn about our food system and the motivations (and the audacity) of the corporations that lord over it, the more I feel compelled to consider not only removing seed oils from my diet, but all corporate food as well. A diet such as this would require consuming meat from sources such as the Beef Initiative, but would go further to source all fruits, vegetables, breads and other items, such as honey and cheese, from local farmers markets, farms, boutique producers and my own kitchen. The kitchen part referring to homemade bread or baked goods, salad dressings and other items where seed oils might be hiding.

It seems to me that a diet such as this would appeal to many people. Which is great, because the market will accommodate the desires of the people. But as always, when greed and corruption infect an industry, there will be pushing back from those who would rather not lose power. This is precisely why I decided to share this particular podcast. There is considerable potential for sustainable and healthier systems of food production, but there are also those who wish to suppress this potential and force the current corporate system that has little to do with the nutritional needs of human beings.

Because knowledge is power and because we vote with our dollars, this podcast is of great importance if we wish to continue to have the option to choose for ourselves how we nourish our bodies. Government involvement in bodily autonomy has been in the headlines recently; our right to feed ourselves as we see fit is certainly an extension of that. I hope you find this post informative. I’d like to say I hope you enjoy it, but that might be misleading. I wish we could enjoy hearing about how efficient, regenerative and nutritious our food supply chain is. It seems we have a bit of work to do if we want to make my wish come true.

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In this episode:

  • Podcast updates

  • Beef Initiative growth

  • Lack of communication skills

  • Pure animal protein

  • Texas Slim's Cuts

  • Decentralized market access

  • Keeping it local

  • health crisis is upon us

  • Come along and volunteer 

  • Texas history

  • Story time with Slim

  • Saving the children

  • Calling you out Joe Rogan

  • What's your story

  • Jason Wrich and the foundation

  • Jimmy Dean

  • Proud of market access

  • Holding your breath

  • Bringing beef intelligence 

  • Get a micro summit

  • Texas truck 

  •  Closing thoughts 

  •  Value4Value Boost the Beef! 

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