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Power of Choice

-I choose not to validate the deceptions

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This week we have Jenn following up with the “Power of Choice”

Lead with courage and kindness and your choices unfold and become your lifestyle.

 Power of choices

One of the things I strive to help clients understand is the power of their choices. You have the ability to choose. You aren’t helpless in the situation at hand. You can make hard choices in the midst of difficulties. In good times, you can make powerful choices. This can be difficult to practice and live out, especially in the midst of so much evil and struggles of the current times. However, once you have taken your power back you become courageous and capable of creating beauty from the chaos. 

We give our power over to others, the latest guru, to circumstances, our own inner demons, the whims of the body at the moment, whatever is being told to us those in control. It is “easier” to allow someone else to tell us how we are suppose to feel or think about situations, circumstances, other people, what foods to eat or not eat. Staying apart of the tribe was important to our survival in hunter gather times. This primal instinct to want to fit in, be a part of the tribe, is deeply ingrained in us. This is in part why we find it easier to not want to rock the boat and fall in line. This easier path is leading to malnourishment, sickness, obesity, disease, mental illness and so much of the chaos of our time. 

How do you begin taking back your power? 

Being I am a nutrition coach, let’s take a nutrition example: let’s say you are deeply exhausted, hangry, and just can’t seem to think clearly, brain fog, beginning around 4ish pm. Anything you find to put in your mouth, you eat. Nothing stands a chance with you in this state. You are cranky, make poor decisions, have a short fuse. You see anything sugary, salty, carb laden and it is devoured. If you are driving, you stop at your favorite drive through and are eating, drinking some sugar, carb laden items. What is even more aggravating, you don’t realize you are doing this. You might think to yourself you aren’t even hungry, you ate a large “meal” several hours ago. Why am I eating this as it is half way gone. Your brain is craving this quick energy source and you can’t seem to stop it. You could have will power the size of Mount Everest and it wouldn’t combat these states. 

Instead of tackling the struggle happening in the afternoon when you are in the exhausted, brain fog daze, let’s take several steps back and begin at the beginning of your day with breakfast. 

Do you eat breakfast? Do you fast for long periods of time? Only drink black coffee? Begin your day with a load of carbs in the form of pastry, bread, muffins, or oats? 

Our high energy demanding brains are looking for energy and nutrients, specifically amino acids, to survive, most importantly to thrive. If the brain freaks out thinking there isn’t enough energy for it to survive, it will begin sending powerful signals for quick energy, sugar is its favorite quick energy source. Sugar turns into glucose, blood sugar, which is the brains favorite quick, survival energy source. That is why the will power of Mount Everest doesn’t stand a chance against your brain. The late afternoon crash comes around and the brain is lacking in key nutrients, amino acids and ketons from protein and fats it needs to survive. One of the main purposes of your brain is to keep you alive, biology always wins. In this state you are left with brain fog, deep exhaustion and feeling out of control of your emotions and decisions. Almost like you are in a trance.  

By beginning with breakfast and intentionally breaking your fast with animal protein and fat, steak and eggs, you are assuring the brain it has received the nutrients it needs to not only survive, but thrive for the day. The brain remains calm. Your blood sugar, insulin levels, remain stable, there isn’t a ten alarm signal going off in the brain for quick energy. We are nipping the problem in the bud before it has a chance to rear its ugly head. Getting the body back to its natural factory setting of fat adapted will also help this afternoon demon from roaring.  

This is taking back your power. Instead of fighting biology and destroying yourself, why can’t you get this under control, you are taking action and choosing to front load your day with protein and fat. When the 3-4 pm time rolls around instead of the hangry, brain fogged monster coming out, you can remain in a state of calm and begin choosing different options for yourself that serve you and those around you better. 

You can apply this to any area of your life. If you have a struggle, maybe instead of trying to fix the issue at hand, maybe you need to take several steps back and make different choices at an early time to negate the situation as much as possible. This is also where discipline and sacrifice come into play. To make these changes, you need to have courage, be willing to make some sacrifices, have self discipline and go against the norm. 

Taking your power back is not about control. There is a difference between being in your power and control. Control is the ego, fear, running from something. Being in your power is strength, you are choosing. It is discipline in action. Seeing the situation in a bigger picture and making choices, anticipate what might be ahead and prepare for it. Not be acted on or upon. Not fearing the outcome. When we are in our power, we become unflappable and can make choices that are better for ourselves and those around us.

Take back your power. 

In courage and kindness

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