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-Are you going to the Source of the Seed?

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We talk about #FoodIntelligence, the Texas Beef Initiative, and how to design an "International Lifestyle" that you can start from home.
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Thank you for listening to my message. We’re honored to have K.D. Makinen as our writer this week. K.D. is a corporate dropout. She went back to school to gain a certificate in Urban Agriculture and became fascinated with small scale, regenerative farming and soil health. This led to an interest in learning more about the food we eat, how it is produced, and how our diets affect our overall health. K.D. lives in the desert southwest where she explores these topics and more. She shares and reflects on what she learns with her readers on Substack.

Take it away, K.D…

Welcome Post

Hello dear reader, I’m K.D. I am so happy to be embarking on a new journey with the Beef Initiative and this is my opportunity to tell you all about it. But first, a little bit about me. I grew up in Arizona; not in the city, but in a pretty wild area. My childhood was very connected with nature and thus the further from it my daily life became, the more its absence became apparent. While working my way up the corporate ladder, I discovered I wasn’t able to assimilate in the corporate world. I didn’t belong in that environment; I knew I needed a big change.

I turned my back on my career and went back to school. I studied agriculture, specifically small scale food production such as community or urban gardening. For me, this was an excellent way to bring nature not only back into my life, but hopefully into the lives of others as well. Studying agriculture opened my eyes to the complexities of balancing a food production system naturally, without use of harsh chemicals. The more I learned about large scale production and chemical use, the more concerned I became. As I broadened my scope, I realized how interconnected methods of food production are to every aspect of our lives.

Our food supply chain affects us daily yet we know very little about it. It can be difficult to manage one’s health when information regarding our habits and nutrition is often conflicting depending on the source. How can something so important be so muddy? It is time-consuming to research and seek accurate information, especially when there are so many buzz words and marketing campaigns to sort through. That is where I come in. I am going down this rabbit hole one way or another, so I may as well share the things I discover.  

I have a lot of questions as a consumer, and I’m willing to bet that you do as well. Have you ever wondered how important “grass fed, grass finished” is when selecting beef? What is the difference between dry or wet aged beef? I could keep going; there are so many things I’d like to learn to help me become a smarter consumer. I want to support humane animal care. I want to nourish my body without concern that I’m also consuming toxic additives. If you have similar questions and goals, then we’ll have much to discuss over the coming year. I’m looking forward to learning more and cannot wait to share it with you.  

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In this episode:

  • Regenerative Health Podcast 

  • Intro To Slim

  • Metabolic conditioning

  • Rapeseed aka seed oils

  • Jacob Wolki and the beef initiative

  • Fix the money, fix the food

  • Building the community

  • Replicating 

  • Regenerative farming in Australia 

  • Local Producers growing

  • Supply chain

  • Bad eggs

  • Put your foot down

  • They hijacked our food

  • Go meet Jacob Wolki

  • Pure animal protein health

  • What's your consumption model

  • Closing thoughts

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