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Good to see this information.

Most of my family and local rancher friends said no to the jab for themselves.

If they give these worthless 20+ year old mRNA kill shots to the animals it will destroy the meat and restaurant business.

THAT is what I believe the livestock haters hope for.

I subscribe to several doctors o that know what this jab does.

Female Gynecologist of over 20 years experience states it is a sexually transmittable VAIDs. It also can be transmitted with saliva. Facebook and YouTube banned her.

Many doctors state that it will sterilize humans. I shudder to think of a zero calf crop.

I have had several friends die, get strokes, heart attacks, cancer, a brain that won't let the blood back out that arteries pump in. He was about 30 and got a whale of a hospital bill.

As to these nutty environmental cases that say grazing animals manure and farts cause methane I tell them rotting grass will just produce it too or catch fire and create more carbon.

One of the worst heat producing and pollution producing inventions is asphalt and they are shocked to learn that the USA has just about enough total pavement to cover half the State of Colorado.

This doesn't include gravel roads and doesn't mention the wasted grass along the fenced bar ditches and along railroads and highways.

Nobody seems to think of these tidbits of information!

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